Services we provide

Hearing tests for children and adults

  • Paediatric assessment from 6 months of age

  • 6 months to 2.5 years; Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry

  • 2.5 years – 6 years; Conditioned play audiometry

  • 6 years and up; Pure tone Audiometry

Hearing Aid and Hearing Rehabilitation

What to expect when considering a hearing aid;

  • A personalised approach to finding the right hearing solution for you.
  • Some of the hearing solutions we specialise in are Hearing aids (in ear, behind the ear and customisable options), Cochlear Implants & BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aids).
  • For existing Hearing Aid users; we provide fitting, servicing and trouble shooting

Our other specialist services include:

  • Ear Plug Fittings – swim plugs, musician ear plugs, sleep/noise plugs, custom made plugs.
  • Tinnitus Investigation and Management Strategies; For some patient information on Tinnitus, please click here
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