Important Information for GP’s - COVID19 implications for ENT appointments:

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GP Resources

At SCENT we foster a collaborative approach with other health-care professionals. We enjoy providing timely, patient centred care by working with GP’s in our community.

Our ENT surgeons are happy to provide phone advice wherever possible, and are keen to learn from and provide education to our referrers. We have, and continue to offer face-to-face meetings at your practice to discuss commonly encountered ENT presentations in general practice, and are happy to provide education about specific topics if requested.

On this page you will find key referral information, and other useful information about our practice and ENT in general practice – we hope you find it useful. If there’s anything else you would like to see, please let us know via our contacts page.

Routine Referrals

For your convenience, you may download and print out a referral form here (PDF) or you may use your own stationery.

Waiting Times and our Locum ENT specialists

We understand that patients value referral to specialists that are available within a reasonable time-frame. We are committed to providing timely care, and our Locum ENT surgeons are here to help. They are fully qualified, Royal Australian College of Surgeons Certified Otolaryngologists, who are available to see adult and paediatric ENT patients, often with a shorter waiting time.

SCENT Audiology Referrals

For your convenience, you may download and print out a SCENT Audiology referral form here (PDF) or you may use your own stationery.

Urgent Referrals

We aim to keep urgent time slots available every day, so please call us on 02 9451 9883 (9am-4pm) to arrange a time. We welcome phone calls about patients with urgent problems, so that we can optimise their treatment outcomes. In particular, the following ear, nose and throat specialist problems may need our urgent attention:

  • acute otitis externa or media
  • sudden deafness
  • sudden, severe vertigo
  • acute sinusitis
  • mild epistaxis
  • acute tonsillitis / quinsy (peritonsillar abscess)
  • ear or nasal foreign bodies
  • suspected malignancy of the head and neck
  • facial nerve palsy

Other problems may be more appropriately managed in an Emergency Department, including:


  • severe epistaxis
  • airway or breathing difficulties
  • post-tonsillectomy bleeding
  • acute mastoiditis
  • periorbital cellulitis


We will send a letter to you promptly following your patients consultation with our team, including our audiology service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your patient’s management or any feedback about the letters.


We welcome any feedback you care to give us about any aspect of our practice. Please use the contact form to let us know how we can improve our service to you, or call us between 9am and 4pm on 02 9451 9883.