Surgery Checklist

☐ contact our rooms if you have had covid in the 7 weeks
leading up to surgery 

☐ if you intend to travel overseas, you are required to be
back in Australia for a
 minimum of 7 days (adults) and
14 days (children) prior to your surgery

☐ review pre and post operative information relevant
to your surgery HERE 

☐ cease herbal medications and supplements, blood
thinning medication, anti-depressants and non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory medication (eg. Nurofen) 2 weeks prior
to surgery, as per your surgeons instructions

☐ contact your health fund to ensure you are covered for
your procedure/s at the relevant hospital, to avoid your
surgery fees increasing

☐ if you have any billing enquiries for your anaesthetist,
you will find their contact details by selecting your
anaesthetist’s name HERE 

☐ sign and return surgical consent and your surgery quote

☐ ensure we have a current referral on file. If we do not
have a current referral, your surgery costs will likely
increase, and your post operative appointments
will not be bulk billed

☐ complete pre-operative tests eg. hearing tests, blood tests,
ECG, X-rays/scans (if required)

☐ complete the online admission form for your relevant
hospital.  Our hospitals are listed HERE

☐ pay the surgeons fees prior to your surgery date

☐ ensure you have a Rapid Antigen Test on the morning of
your surgery, regardless of age or vaccination status.


The hospital will contact you the business day prior to your
surgery and advise of fasting and admission times.

Please contact our rooms on 9451 9883 – option 4
if you have any concerns regarding the above information,
or if you need to reschedule your operation.